Here's our latest update.

On November 1st, the high school choir had the opportunity to spend the day at a choral festival, rehearsing the songs we’ve worked on and learning more about singing. Students performed as a combined choir of many schools together at the end of the day.

Junior high choir continue our learning about various composers throughout history, and we have learned about 17 so far. We are also working on various Christmas songs.

Secondary band have been continuing with scales, different musical exercises, and rhythm warm-ups each day in class. Students were able to play a few pep band tunes at our school's pep rally in October. We are learning a few different holiday pieces, as well.

Elementary Band II (5-6th grade) is continually learning new elements about music and making progress quickly. We are working on a new piece for Christmas while playing out of two method books in class.

The Beginning Band (4th grade) is progressing in learning new things every day while building off of what has already been learned. This group is eager to play more complex songs as they learn more about rhythms and notes.

The 5-6th grade music class enjoys singing and playing rhythm games. They have also learned more about the instrumental sections of the band and orchestra.

The 3-4th grade music class is made up of some very enthusiastic singers, which makes learning new songs fun! We have been learning about instruments, more complicated rhythms, and singing.

The 1st-2nd grade music class are learning new songs for Christmas, and have been learning a lot about musical instruments, notes, and rhythms.

The Kindergarten music class is very energetic and fun! They love learning more about musical instruments, simple rhythms, and songs every class.

Miss Hannah Smith, Music Teacher