Our Kindergarten (5 year olds) is a five day per week, full day program. Interested families are encouraged to call our school office, make an appointment with our administrator, and have your child tested for Kindergarten readiness. The cost of testing is $30 and we can arrange that at your convenience. Students must be 5 by September 1.

What Do We Learn In Kindergarten?

We learn to read through a strong phonics-based program which includes phonics rules, blends, and special sounds.

  • We learn to read sentences and complete twelve books containing one and two vowel words!
  • We learn our numbers from 1-100.
  • We learn how to count by two's, five's and ten's.
  • We learn how to add addition facts, 1-10.

And that's not all...

  • We learn about plants, animals and seeds.
  • We learn about God's plan for me!
  • We learn about the weather and the seasons.
  • We learn about our great country and famous Americans.
  • We learn about God's Word, the best subject of all!

And there's much more...

We love our school!