Core Distinctives

The following distinctives make CCS a unique choice for parents as they raise their children. Our Christian values provide a framework for regular operational decisions and for the overall vision and direction of CCS.

  • Christ—CCS is Christ centered. We operate because of the salvation He performs and because of the power He provides. Administration, faculty, parents, students, and curricula work together to make a distinctly Christian environment. To glorify God by knowing Christ and becoming like Him is mankind’s highest calling. Students will be encouraged to develop a continually growing relationship with Christ.

  • Truth—CCS believes that truth is knowable and is essential to life because God is the source of all truth. God’s inerrant Word contains the most precious form of truth, and all of creation is best understood by first knowing God through His Word. Quality academics can only exist when the truth of God’s revelation is applied to the education process.

  • Wisdom—CCS holds that wisdom is the highest form of human development occurring when Biblical truth is applied to life’s situations. It is our goal that students develop knowledge, understanding, and wisdom by applying truth in a way that is excellent, as it relates to their spiritual, academic, social, and physical abilities.

  • Love—CCS teaches that love is the pre-eminent character quality which all people should obtain. Loving God is the highest of all God’s commands, followed by loving others. Students’ future career and educational plans are viewed as opportunities to minister and serve, both God and others, ultimately as acts of love.